Little’s Kenpo Karate

Little's Kenpo Karate is a school member of the International Karate Connection Association. The School was organized to give the people in the Eastern Maine communities the opportunity to learn Chinese Kenpo Karate. The Founders of the IKCA are Senior Grandmaster Chuck Sullivan 10th Dan (Head Instructor), and Grandmaster Vic LeRoux 10th Dan (Senior Instructor). The Instructor at the School is David Little 6th Dan. All rank earned at the School is sanctioned by the IKCA and kept on file at IKCA Headquarters.
The Art is Karate, the Style is Chinese, the System is Kenpo, the School is the Karate Connection. What is Chinese Kenpo Karate? Translated, the words"Kenpo Karate" mean,"Law of the Fist and Empty Hand". This is not high flying acrobatics. Kenpo was designed for close quarter combat. It employs low kicks to the lower body targets, while using circular and linear hand strikes to the head and upper body. Great Grandmaster Ed Parker said it best,"System of organized, scientific, dirty fighting."
What are the benefits of Kenpo Karate? There are many benefits, here are just a few. Learn self-defense, coordination, balance, respect, and self-discipline. Also while working out, you burn calories, tone muscles, develop endurance, and build self-esteem. Besides all those benefits mentioned, the best part is that we have FUN doing it. There are a variety of drills that we practice in our Kenpo training, this is what makes it so interesting and fun. This is where we put the training to the test.


In order to appreciate Kenpo, you have to see it move. The IKCA is offering a FREE VIDEO, check it out on their website. This is the easiest way to see Kenpo in action. Click the IKCA image to visit their website.



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